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Gun Rebuttal Cheat Sheet

What is this?

This is a compendium of rebuttals to extremist pro-gun arguments. Our centerpiece is the Gun Rebuttal Cheat Sheet , a quick lookup of retorts to every pro-gun argument.

Ending gun violence in America requires many strategies and solutions. Effectively responding to extremist gun rhetoric is just one part of the picture.

Why is this needed?

Too often, legislators, gun-control advocates, and journalists are left speechless by claims made by gun extremists. The goal of this website is to help people respond to gun extremists' false and manipulative claims, by:

  • deconstructing those claims,
  • providing concise rebuttals,
  • and by putting crucial statistics at your fingertips.


Common Ground

Template:Tag:CommonGround Although this website provides rebuttals to rhetoric, we do not promote hostility toward gun advocates. We view all Americans-- including gun advocates-- as our fellow Americans. We won't end gun-violence in America by sowing divisions between Americans. Most gun advocates, like most people, are motivated by a sincere desire to do what's best for their families and communities. Let's not demonize each other. Good people on all sides have got to find common ground, and work together. Let hostile extremists isolate themselves.

"Winning" doesn't mean winning the debate. It's means bringing Americans together for a shared vision.

Finding Common Ground does not mean compromising. It means sharing a bold vision, and taking bold action, together, across political divisions.

Ground Rules

This website insists on:

  • Factual, well-supported data, not deceptive or exaggerated claims.
  • Strict definitions of things like "mass shooting" and "school shooting".
  • Critiques based on evidence, history, and logic, not ad hominems.
  • Emphasis on public health.
  • Calm, respectful discussion.
  • A high level of professionalism and literacy.

Source material

  • American Founding documents and history.
  • Academic, government, and respected independent research.
  • First-hand accounts.
  • Court proceedings, Supreme Court Opinions, police records, forensic evidence, photographs, and other public domain material.


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Table of Contents

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