Draft:Safety precautions eliminate the wisdom of natural selection. People won't think for themselves-- they will think everything without a warning label is safe.

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Short Retort[edit | edit source]

  • Should parents inform their kids "don't touch a hot stove, and don't run into traffic"? Or should parents just allow "natural selection" to take it's course?
  • If fools believe everything without a warning label is safe, they will suffer the consequences of their stupidity. Your "natural selection" is intact, with or without warning labels.
  • I agree, to an extent. Americans are removed from the killing or growing of their own food, war is a TV show, corporate advertisers promote buying stuff over DIY hand-crafting. Traditional gun culture is rooted in a more hands-on, DIY culture, which we've lost. Americans have become consumer bots. This is related to our wastefulness-- we're out of touch with our impact on the planet. We want our Starbucks coffee, and don't think about how all that plastic is ruining the oceans.

Claim Rationale[edit | edit source]

Retort Deep-Dive[edit | edit source]

  • OMG, I'M SO OPPRESSED BY WARNING LABELS! Stop oppressing me by informing me that cigarettes cause cancer and birth defects. YOU'RE RESTRICTING MY RIGHT TO BE IGNORANT!
  • Safety labels is about knowledge. If you prefer ignorance, don't read them, no one is forcing you.