Draft:It is a civil right to keep, bear, and sell arms, and a violation of my civil rights to require a government-issued license to do any of these things.

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  • Any "natural right to self-defense" does not extend to selling. Commerce is a purely human invention; it's not "natural". Therefor, any defense of the right to sell guns without a license must be supported by arguments other than "natural rights".
  • The right to sell anything using U.S. currency is done according to the implicit contract you have with the government for using that currency.
"At the end of the Civil War, two Supreme Court decisions, known as the Legal Tender Cases, decreed: the federal government has the implicit power to issue bills of credit."
  • The right to sell something in large volume using federal currency is likewise subject to the laws of commerce, such as anti-trust laws. Yes, you can trade restricted items on the black market, but that would be illegal. You might object to the law, and you might violate that law in protest, but you must still acknowledge that it's illegal.