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Top Priority

  • Topic Tags:
    • In per-tag page, set up proper code for list/no-list transcludes.
    • Don't need pagename from form, can just use {{PAGENAME}} in ea Tag page.
    • Therefor, per-tag page is now preferred option.
    • Also preferred cuz get Tag description field.
    • Therefor, Don't need 1-page system
  • Load my content:
    • from Facebook
    • from my notes.
    • ColorNote
  • Get page_name into template, in Tag form.
  • Resolve CatTree showing deleted pgs. Try:
  • Resolve MediaWiki vs Project namespaces
    • Project: namespace, for my own wiki-dev notes.
    • Curate: namespace for editors/curators.
    • Edit: namespace for editors?
    • Portal: Public content: Cheat Sheet, Table of Contents, Welcome, other protected public-facing content pages. Public can see, Curators can edit.
    • Project: For Admins For site planning, to-do. Public and Curators cannot see, only Admin can see/edit.
    • MediaWiki: Structural. For admins. Users pg, Forms pg. Due to potential conflicts, should not use MediaWiki for my own stuff.
      • MyWiki: Custom Structural.
      • Extensions use MediaWiki ns for their stuff. So can i. Get rid of MyWiki. Just be careful of conflicting page-names.
    • Special: MW core and extensions. Maybe better than MediaWiki for Namespace pages.
    • Curation namespace? For curators.
    • What about content development notes, viewable by all editors/contributors? Same audience as Draft.
      • Categories pg.
      • Forms
      • MediaWiki
      • Project
      • Templates: Only admin can see/edit.
      • Users: admin and moderators can see/edit.
      • Drafts: Public can see, editors can edit.
    • Apply correct namespace prefixes to

Next Up

  • Inline-commenting or Edit flagging by registered users only.
    • User Talk page only to store comments which float above read-screen, visible to editors-only.
    • User flagging (Ideally, auto-flagged after 3 edit-flags. User flagging might need to be a separate extension).

Medium Priority

  • Publish button on Drafts (moderator-only)
  • Bold claims in cheat sheet.
  • Find best Disqus extension for public. Needed closer to release.

Low priority
    • doesn't work:
  • Consider
  • Using a sidebar-like page as a normal page.


  • User-group management:
    • Make new-user approvers, if possible.
    • Make moderators.
    • Make rev approvers.
    • Make admins.
  • Remove "This category uses the form Retort." from category pg.