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See Help:Moderation. Reorganize content with this page:

  • Security means accounts, read/write rights.
  • Moderation mean the edit pipeline.


  1. Confirm-account requires admin approval before new account is enabled. User cannot login until approved. User-specific.
  2. Moderation hides edits until confirmed by curator. While hidden, the author can see their own edits, and continue to revise them in their own edit-screens. But the edits will be invisible to other editors. After 10 approved edits, that user's edits go straight through without moderation. User/edit-specific.
  3. Approved-revs keeps entire version of page out of public view (but still visible to other editors in edit screen), until revision approved. This is not a user-specific process-- it's page-specific.
  4. Page-triage is to flag bad edits after they've made. Ideally, be able to mark difference between vandalism and poor edit. Page-specific, but may affect authors.

Namespace Access


User Groups


  • Possible Groups: Curators, Publishers, Compilers, Organizers, Librarians, Archivists, Anthologists, Bibligraphers, Bibliophiles
  • Curator. Maybe just a GROUP. (eg TagDescriptions). Curate: namespace for editors/curators. But not sure there are curate PAGES. Curators keep content organized. They remove spam. They approve new content. They prolly don't deal with user bad behavior/abuse, just bad content.
  • Content-Leaders group, above curators? Prolly not.
  • Tech skills does not give anyone content-rights.