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What's the difference between "Edit" and "Edit Source"?

  • Edit: a WYSIWYG visual editor. Might break some magic wiki text. Recommended for beginners, or if you're not using any magic wiki text.
  • Edit Source: a plain-text editor, which produces cleaner output. Recommended for advanced and admins, especially if you are using any magic wiki text.

To create a new page

  • Click "Create Page" in left-hand sidebar.

To insert a link to another page in this wiki

  • Click "Edit Source".
  • Scroll to bottom of page.
  • To link to a regular wiki-page, type: [[Page Name]] Eg: [[Cheat Sheet]]
  • To link to a category-collection page, type: [[:Category:Category Name]] Eg: [[:Category:Rebuttal Deep-Dives]]
    • Include extra colon for to link to a category-collection page.

Scrap page

  • Use Scrap for quick tests (not for drafts.)

Draft Edits

  • Users can freely edit pages.
  • User edits will not appear on the front-end until moderators approve and publish the edits.
  • Moderators can reject individual edits by some users, without disturbing edits made by other users.

Custom CSS

Feel free to apply your own custom CSS, by creating a page called skinname.css, where "skinname" is the skin selected in your Preferences/Editing, in the User namespace. See here for more info.