From Gun Retort

To apply a category to a page

  1. Enter edit-mode on a page.
  2. Scroll to "CATEGORY ASSIGNMENT" at bottom of page.
  3. Click in "Categories" box.
  4. Begin typing desired category.
  5. When desired category pops up, click it.

To completely delete empty categories

  1. In FTP, browse to Maintenance folder
  2. At terminal, enter
php cleanupEmptyCategories.php

To move a page to a different Namespace

  1. Navigate to the page.
  2. Don't go into Edit mode on the sheet.
  3. Open the "More" menu on the upper-right of the page.
  4. Click "Move".
  5. Click the Namespace dropdown, and select desired target Namespace.
  6. If the page was never published before, then uncheck all checkboxes.
  7. Click the "Move" button.

To reject individual edits

To Publish a new version of a page