Draft:You can't blame guns for socioeconomic problems.

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Short Retort[edit | edit source]

  • True. And if guns aren't the cause of social problems, then you can't expect guns to be the cure for social problems.

Claim Rationale[edit | edit source]

Retort Deep-Dive[edit | edit source]

  • we need to fix whatever's causing violent crime in the first place. If it's despair, throwing more guns at the problem is not going to fix their despair.
  • Those guns get into places where there's deep poverty, crack dealers, family breakdown, cultural breakdown, lack of opportunity -- and privileged happy people in the next neighborhood over.
  •  CommonGround  Gun-control is not a long-term answer for the inner-city. That's a bandaid, which does nothing to address the social, emotional, and economic causes of the violent crime. Kids in the inner-city don't need to learn how to use a gun-- they need to learn how to build, how to create, not destroy. How to be self-sufficient and productive.
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