Draft:Return This Woman's Guns

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Why would a gun-control advocate demand this woman's guns be returned to her?[edit | edit source]


Legal Ownership[edit | edit source]

When her husband was placed under protective custody, the police illegally confiscated her legal, securely stored gun. That's unconstitutional.

Gun Grabbers[edit | edit source]

This is exactly the kind of provocative action that makes gun-advocates dig in their heels. They call us "gun grabbers". They say we'll take all their guns, in violation of the. And here this police department is proving them right. We won't get their partnership on common-sense gun-laws, unless we defend their legal gun rights.

Gun Rights is the path to Gun Control[edit | edit source]

The gun-control advocate who wants to make progress on gun-sense laws, will demand this woman's guns be return. And make gun-rights advocates your allies.

Gun-control organizations should join this case, on the Plaintiff's side. They should maybe even launch new pro gun-rights organizations.

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