Draft:Don't blame guns for inner-city violence.

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  • True. And if guns aren't the cause of social problems, then you can't expect guns to be the cure for social problems.
  • True. Mass murder is the culmination of numerous factors: broken families, violent culture, and easy access to weapons. No one fix is going to solve everything-- the solution must be a collection of fixes. Including reducing easy access to guns by those most likely to use them to cause harm.
  • True. America needs to eliminate poverty, by creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged people.
  • i agree that gun violence is a symptom of deeper socio-economic problems, which create dangerous people. New gun laws are not going to fix those socioeconomic problems. Meantime, let's not throw gas on the fire-- let's keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.
  • Merge with Draft:You can't blame guns for socioeconomic problems.

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