Draft:America has a tradition of gun-ownership among law-abiding citizens.

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Short Retort[edit | edit source]

  • True. In some places, gun ownership is part of a rural or agricultural history, where it's normal for law-abiding families have a gun. Hunters and farmers are not the primary source of gun violence.
  • We can't apply the same logic to regions which do not have such a tradition.

Claim Rationale[edit | edit source]

Retort Deep-Dive[edit | edit source]

  • But other parts of the country do not have such a tradition. Guns stores and open gun shows, in regions which do not have a cultural tradition of homesteading, where anyone can buy a gun without a background check, without any safety training, is not supported by this claim.
  • Lax gun laws in one region can create a black-market source for guns even in places that may have strong restrictions.